Time Out

I had a very thorough post prepared today about the endless wonders of the science fiction genre, and how it is a domain that can has yielded, and might possibly continue to yield some of the most profound cinema ever produced, but like millions of people around the world I was arrested today by the absolutely devastating news out Connecticut, U.S.A.. No doubt there will be a surplus of media outlets commenting endlessly on the gruesome details of this heinous incident, so instead of adding our largely meaningless voices to the cacophony, let us take a moment to think about a couple of things.

Let us take this opportunity to remind ourselves of all the good things in our lives, and all the people we cherish deeply. Let us be thankful for each other’s company, let us be thankful that we live in a society where such things do not occur with such disheartening frequency (thought they still occur), and that we are far more fortunate than millions of people in other parts of the world where severe injustice and suffering are a way of life.

In whatever place you find yourself, whatever your beliefs, pursuits or ambitions, try in any way you see fit to make the world a little better around you. It’s all any of us can really hope to do to push society in a better direction.

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