Unsung Heroes


The Reverse Angle would like to take a moment today to mark the recent and sudden passing of Micheal Ryan, festival director and friend. Micheal was a rare gem of a man in the independent industry, tirelessly working day-and-night to find new ways to promote and elevate independent filmmaking in Canada.

Apart from his many duties as director and overseer of a successful annual Young Cuts Festival, Micheal took time out of his schedule to take small films he enjoyed to “shop” them around with major networks, websites, and affiliates without ever asking for a single penny from anyone. He did this out of his own genuine love of cinema and emerging talent.

Anyone that has ever come into contact with Micheal will tell you the same thing; he was all class and always ready to lend a hand or support any worthwhile project. He touched the lives of hundreds, thousands around the world, all of whom are still quite shocked by his sudden departure.

We rarely think about individuals like Micheal in the industry but they exist; low-profile entrepreneurs, film enthusiasts, supporters whose passion and admiration for the craft knows no bounds, and who promote other people’s work with the same dedication as if it were their own.

Micheal will be terribly missed as an individual and as one of those all-too-rare champions of the “little guy”. There is no better time, filmmakers, to think about those invaluable people behind the scenes that help us get our work out there and suport our efforts with a such zeal and dedication. Reach out if you can to those individuals in your network and remind them how much they mean to you.

We thank you for your tireless service, Micheal, and may you truly rest in peace wherever you are. You deserve it.

Goodbye my friend,


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