The Passion of Creation


What artist or thinker has not experienced the internal agony of creation? The constant roadblocks imposed by time constraints, proper formulation of ideas, and emotional tempests have been doubtlessly haunting creatives since the day a human first smeared his muddy hand on a cavern wall.

Creating (especially writing) can easily become the most masochistic kind of exercise when you factor in all the time spent “going there” in your head while bitting your nails and wondering why the top-right corner of your left eye won’t stop twitching. One wonders if this phenomenon is single-handedly responsible for all those inebriated geniuses and insane virtuosos throughout our history.

The truth is that we enter this maddening mental space for those precious moments when the ethereal gates decide to open for a brief time, granting us some kind of supernatural flow of ideas that we don’t yet fully understand, but that can potentially lead to some kind of enlightenment if arranged in the proper order, or perhaps if abandoned to just the right proportion of chaos.

A million books exists on the subject of how to to create or how to cast off the many internal and external ailments that get in the way of creation, but the truth is that nothing really helps when your brain gets in the way, and nothing can spur you further than a pure moment on inspiration.

The key in the end is not to have a hostile relationship with your creative process. Accept now that there will be dark days of procrastination, days of confused insanity when you’ll stare at the blinking line on your text editor for hours despite having a great idea in your head. There will be days of unbound energy when you will do 3 months worth of work in a single lunch break on a bunch of food-stained napkins.

Embrace your madness and welcome your genius because you may just figure out how to induce or ward off either state, and, god forbid, find a creation method that you can rely on and call your own.

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