Movie Business, Part I

Living in Oblivion

Whichever school of thought you ascribe to, you have chosen to engage your ideas within the realm of cinema, and that brings with it a couple of realities.

1. You will need a team. One-man-gang filmmaking can be a lot of fun but it is ultimately limited and not sustainable as a method of production. Filmmaking is a team sport and as such you must learn how to forge relationships, negotiate partnerships, and work in groups. The hope is that the stars allign and you will find a crew that you can run several projects with, but eventually people move on and you will have to begin again. Work on this aspect of your game plan if you plan to make film for the foreseeable future.

2. You will need money. Ingenuity, resourcefulness and determination will carry you far and allow you to increase the quality of your projects well beyond their actual cost, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can do it 100% free of charge. Early projects typically rely on self-funding, friends and family support and clever budgeting, but sooner-or-later you will need to learn how to find money and how to apply it effectively.

Crowdsourcing is a great new way to rally people to an interesting project, but you cannot use it as a up-front financing technique. What crowd-sourcing can do for you is to help re-coup costs and generate a bit of cash for post-production efforts. The inital investment will have to come from somewhere else, so start looking around in your community/city to identify potential investors. (More on this topic later).

To be continued.

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