Creative Spark: Dustin Lance Black

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One thought on “Creative Spark: Dustin Lance Black

  1. tomvernon says:

    This video gave me a lot of inspiration, with useful tips and information that I hope will help me get to where you are right now. I applaud you for your steadfast dedication and hard work to something that you feel so passionate about. I can’t wait to hear more updates on your progress.

    I have a few things under way as well…but I’m definitely NOT at your level, and as organized as you are. Given the method you’ve outlined here though; I hope to finish at least ONE of my projects at some point in time.

    Great video! Best of luck to you. Cheers!


    P.S. You don’t happen to know anyone that is trying their hand at episodic television writing do you? I need some help putting a show together – which I believe has great potential, and could use a “collaborator”. Thanks.

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